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Possh Collagen 5000mg Soya Bean Milk 800ml - Original (Less sugar) [6 bottles]
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POSSH COLLAGEN Soya Milk with 5000mg deep-sea fish collagen and 100% wild marine fish from Atlantic Ocean which is perfectly matched to the concept “Health & Beauty The Natural Way!”. Our product fuses the benefits of deep-sea fish collagen with 100% Canadian soya beans. It is truly an alternative nutrient drink for nourishing your healthy skin and for calorie-conscious group.

Key Benefits:-
- 5,000mg deep-sea marine fish hydrolyzed collagen - A form of Pure Protein which is easily and quickly digested, and absorbed by the body (1.5 times faster), helps reduce joint pain and aging wrinkles.
- No Preservatives
- No Additives
- No Sulfites
- No Colouring
- No Cholesterol
- Gluten Free
- GMO Free
- Available in Normal / Less sugar