Brand's Ca'ya Habbatus Sauda And Ginseng (6 x 100ml)
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Product Description
Ca'ya™ Habbatus Sauda and Ginseng is a uniquely formulated healthy beverage that combines the natural and powerful ingredients which provides sustainable energy to help maintain overall health. Why choose Ca'ya™?
- Contains real goodness of Habbatus Sauda & Ginseng
- Habbatus Sauda & Ginseng are traditionally trusted ingredients by generations
- Made from ingredients that are clinically proven that it helps anti-fatigue
- No artificial colouring and flavouring
- No added preservatives
- No added caffeine
- Plant-based
- Fat Free
- Halal-certified
- Air- tight sealed in glass bottles with a patented and triple safety tampered-proof cap to ensure natural freshness
- Another quality product from Cerebos
Product Ingredients
Fructose, Apple juice concentrate, Grapefruit juice concentrate, Habbatus Sauda, American Ginseng, Licorice. Contains thickeners and acidity regulator as permitted food conditioner.

Fruktosa, Pati epal, Pati Limau gedang, Hannatus Sauda, Amerika Ginseng, Likuoris. Mengandungi pemekat dan pengatur keasidan sebagai kondisioner makanan yang dibenarkan.
Usage / Adverse Reactions
Consumption Suggestion:
- Best served chilled
- Shake well before drinking
- Drink immediately after opening
- Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

- Minum dengan serta-merta selepas dibuka
- Lebih sedap dinikmati ketika sejuk
- Goncang sebelum minum
- Simpan di tempat yang sejuk dan kering, jauh dari pancaran matahari